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We Gladly Serve You with the Best Services Such As:- Supply & Management Foreign Worker (Manufacturing, Plantation, Construction & Services Sector)
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Katpagam Enterprise & Logistic Sdn. Bhd. is also and experienced local outsourcing company of foreign manpower with strong international networking and working partners throughout Asia and South East Asia. We supply foreign manpower to many sectors of industries such as constructions, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories, plantations, security, cleaning services and others. We have large pool of both skilled and unskilled labour, maids, as well as professional manpower from Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, China and Indonesia. To date, we have successfully fulfilled the foreign manpower needs of many clients locally in Malaysia. In fact we intend to expand our network to supply and outsource manpower to Companies abroad. By working close with our partners, we also strive to provide employers with the most suitable manpower by providing training to all selected foreign workers, especially to blend in and work in harmony with local employees & colleagues in Malaysia. Our foreign manpower training programs consist of:- - English Language Program | - Understanding the Local Culture and Language - General Manner and Etiquette | - Rule & Regulations As Well As Working Environment